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Overview of Chittagon Newspapers in Bangladesh

Chittagong is a very important city because of its seaport as well as other political, geographical and demographical factors. Here we highlight the top 10 news reporting mediums (in our opinion) in the country with a bit about what makes each of them this special. All of these services are published or hosted from Chittagong. Read on for more information.

Dainik Azadi

Established as an organization the primary purpose of the group was to create transparency and open doors for freedom of expression. The group went on to inaugurate the first online paper of the country, employing the same investigative attitude towards journalism as the parent version. It is hosted from Chitagong.

Founding year:1960
Foudner: Engineer Al-haj Muhammed Abdul Khaleque
Group: NurJahan Group

e-Dainik Azadi

Hailing as the first online news paper of the country, the papers aim is to free the people of lack of clear communication and the bounds of lack of transparency. Through it’s reporting mediums, the paper highlights sports and politics alike. The website has social media portals that allow you to follow and remain updated and special posts for specific niche of readers.

Founding year: 2008
Founder: NA
Group: NurJahan Group


The second most read newspaper in the city of Chitagong, it is also the most circulated from the region. Because of the city hosting a sea port, the city was in need of its very own medium of communication and reporting, a call with the paper answered wonderfully.

Founded year: 1968
Founder: Taslimuddin Chowdhury
Group: NA


The online version of the above discussed paper is hosted from the same city as the parent service. It offers the same content with updates from its active contributors and other socialized sources. It offers you to sign up or stay up to date with the service through the use of reading aids available on the site as well as the option for advertisements. It is a people’s favorite with a loyal following because of the array of content available.

Founding year: 2014
Founder: FoudTaslimuddin Chowdhury
Group: NA

Suprobhat Bangladesh

A simple service and interface, the print version is hosted on the internet apart from the e-paper. The service allows you to skim through topics of specific interest instead of having to read about them through the regular reporting and journal articles. Multimedia features offer a new touch of interactivity and content for every age group.

Founding year: 2011
Founder: Rousseau Mahmud
Group: NA

Suprobhat E-Paper

The e-paper is a much more established version of the two services. It allows you access to the complete archive of the paper with an interactive feature set for reading the paper like few others. The headlines offer everything from the over popular cricket updates to political broadcasts. The categories include entertainment and lifestyle sections which makes the service more than just a news read in the morning.

Founding year: 2009
Founder: Rusho Mahmud
Group: NA


The e-portal provides infotainment and news through its diverse sources, while focusing on Chitagong news for the most part. It is Chitagong’s voice and has held accolades of appreciation because of its outstanding and tireless reporting efforts. The simple and direct interface makes it a breeze for you to find news related to your search.

Founding year: 2012
Founder: Alhaj Master Nazir Ahmed
Group: NA


Created with the aim of becoming the best and most outspoken newspaper for the region of Chittagong, the paper has a high regard for content diversity and specific reader content. The content targets a lot of different readers such as women, students, job seekers and others. The interface is a simple and intuitive one which allows easy access to all the content.

Founding year: 2013
Founder: Mahbubul Karim
Group: NA


Whereas the CTG Times is a cultural portal offering the latest information on current happenings, the Barta version is an around-the-clock, up-to-date news and journalism reporting service. Founded just a year after the parent service, it was conceived under the directorship of the initial project, allowing the new service to retain its direction and attitude towards journalism.

Founding year: 2014
Founder: Mahbubul Karim
Group: NA


With the other two services running successfully and converting all aspects of reporting to some extent, the pro-news service focuses on News from around the country and the world. It has everything from security to politics, economics to industry and highlights social reform through its work, by striving to be a platform for transparency of communication and investigative journalism.

Founding year: 2014
Founder: Mahbubul Karim
Group: NA