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Khulna Newspapers

Overview of Newspapers from Khulna in Bangladesh

As the third largest city of the country, many news mediums have come up to boost journalistic efforts in the region. With Navy command centers and the industrial as well as logistical setups requiring use of the second largest port in the region, the city has a few important and credible reporting channels. Each newspaper and news service provides something new and fresh and adds handsomely to the reporting process.

The Daily Purbancal

With just a FaceBook page that isn’t much detailed, the whole service revolves around a single site. The printed version is available online with a streamlined interface highlighting the more credible and general aspects of reporting for the average reader. The service is simple offering social media sites to stay in touch. Published as a daily in print, and updated in real time online, it enjoys a domestic and foreign audience all the same.

Founding year:NA
Founder: Sahid Sarowar


As an online portal, the site excels beyond par with accessibility for the user kept at primary. The service offers an app for smart phones and social media outlets for staying up to date all the time. It caters to the sports section as well as news, both local and foreign alongside editorials and entertainment sections. With a focus on local news it also displays cool features such as the local weather and sorts comments based on a number of criteria.

Founding year:1991
Founder: Sardar Al-Amin


This news services claims to go ahead and beyond the conventional means of news reporting, stating itself to be the first online news community (as opposed to just a service) in the city of Khulna. The communities tagline is “where news comes first” and it has a wide range of topics for the reader. Government departments have their own section just as women, NRB’s and other smaller readerships.

Founding year:2009
Founder: NA

Shomoyer Khobor

Started off in 2010, the four page newspaper is available in Khulna for a price lesser than the number of pages. It simple and clean and touches upon a host of topics and information, the timely updated details of which are available on the internet on the service’s website.

Founding year:2010
Founder: NA


Hailing as the first daily Bengali national newspaper, the service has an impressive track record, despite being only 4 pages in total content. The online version provides timely updates for the printed news as well as other covering all aspects of reporting and cotent. It’s main focus is always targetted to the issues and happenings of the Kushtia region with international and national news as well.

Founding year:1993
Founder: Manzur Ehsan Choudhury

Kushtia Times

As the name suggests, its the daily news paper for the region of Kushtia as well as the local voice for the people. It’s focus is on the region with editorials and evaluations for the regions conditions. Greatly contributed to by the people native to the region, the news paper celebrates a loyal and vast readership. The service’s motto is “we say what others try to suppress”.

Founding year:2011
Founder: NA