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Overview of Sports Newspapers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been host to a range of sporting events and fashions, with Cricket among the most celebrated sports. With such a celebratory essence, sports in general enjoy a spectacular readership and hence it is no surprise that Bangladesh has numerous newspapers highlighting the latest events and happenings. Here is our pick of the finest. Read on further for more information.


Started in 2011, the web portal claims Cricket as it’s heartbeat. The official incharge and the contributing team all attest to the importance of Cricket to them personally as well to the nation as a whole. With up to date statistics and ongoing debates, the forums are flooded with debates and opinions that justify the sport’s essence within the high spirited youth and elderly sports aficionados of the country.

Founding year: 2011
Founder: Md Jabed Ali
Group: None


Like other web portals, this one has a host of features that make it of interest to the global sports readership. The portal allows one to get up to date stats, with options for live streaming of matches. It dominates the online scape with it social media and other presence, making sure you can catch a version of the portal if one is inaccessible whether due to regional restrictions or otherwise.

Founding year: 2014
Founder: Rafe Sadnan Adel
Group: None


Hailing as the first of it’s kind, this is the first Bangladeshi online news portal that provides coverage over all international and national sporting events and aspects. With a humongous readership both domestic and foreign, this portal has readers and contributors since the day of it’s conception.

Founding year: 2014
Founder: Md Jahidul Islam
Group: None

Bangladesher Khela

Another first of it’s kind, this web portal provides a lot of cool features apart from the regular stats and forums for debate. It has a shopping portal where you can find almost all sports related equipment aside from other celebrity endorsed merchandise. It also has a

Founding year: 2015
Founder: Reaz Uddin Al Mamun
Group: None

Khelar Jagat

Khelar Jagat meaning “Sports World”, is the first Bangladeshi online news portal that focuses on domestic sporting events and publishes most of its listings in Bengali, for the Bengali speaking readership. This site is one of the few that allow you to post to the blog as a guest poster as long as you follow their guidelines. Started as pro-Bangladeshi sports portal, it has a flamboyant management structure and editorial policy.

Founding year: 2010
Founder: NA
Group: None


Founded in 2012, the website offers material completely published in Bengali. The website has a wide range of sports covering all domestic and international events, with a particular focus on Cricket and Football because of the nation’s budding interest and inclination towards the sports. The portal claims that it was the first to offer these services completely in Bengali.

Founding year: 2012
Founder: NA
Group: None